A Preliminary Study in Modeling Bilateral Components of Attention


Attention is considered to be a lateralized process in the brain with the right hemisphere being dominant. Attention is separated into three independent networks, Alerting, Orienting and Executive Control. The Attention Network Test (ANT) measures all three networks in one test. The Lateralized ANT accesses the attentional networks of each hemisphere separately. Limerick (2012) has adapted a cognitive model of the ANT (Hussain, 2010) into a model of the LANT in ACT-R 6.0. The model was developed to simulate human performance on the LANT (Greene et al., 2008), in line with a common neuropsychological theory by Corbetta & Shulman (2002). The human data indicated that the Orienting network is dominant in the right hemisphere. Preliminary model findings suggest this may be accounted for by unusually fast rule-firing speeds for processes in the right brain hemisphere (left visual field) (Limerick, 2012).

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