Proceedings of the 10th International Conference
on Cognitive Modeling

Edited by
Dario D. Salvucci &
Glenn Gunzelmann

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The following awards honor the best paper and poster contributions in select categories, as chosen by a committee of distinguished researchers. Congratulations to our winners and honorees!

Siegel-Wolf Award for Best Applied Paper
Sponsored by Aptima, Inc.

This award, given for the best applied research paper, is named in recognition of Art Siegel and Jay Wolf, who worked on human performance models for more than 20 years at Applied Psychological Services in Wayne, PA. The winners are:

Task-Constrained Interleaving of Perceptual and Motor Processes in a Time-Critical Dual Task as Revealed Through Eye Tracking
Anthony J. Hornof & Yunfeng Zhang

The Evolution of a Goal-Directed Exploration Model: Effects of Information Scent and Go-back Utility on Successful Exploration
Leonghwee Teo & Bonnie E. John

Honorable mention goes to the following papers:

Modeling the Effects of Work Shift on Learning in a Mental Orientation and Rotation Task
Tim Halverson, Glenn Gunzelmann, L. Richard Moore Jr., & Hans Van Dongen

Exploration of Costs and Benefits of Predictive Human Performance Modeling for Design
Bonnie E. John & Tiffany S. Jastrzembski

Allen Newell Award for Best Student Paper
Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research

This award, given for the best full paper with a student as first author, is named in recognition of Allen Newell, one of the founders of the field of cognitive modeling. The winner is:

A Cognitively Bounded Rational Analysis Model of Dual-Task Performance Trade-Offs
Christian P. Janssen, Duncan P. Brumby, John Dowell, & Nick Chater

Honorable mention goes to the following papers:

A New Approach to Exploring Language Emergence as Boundedly Optimal Control in the Face of Environmental and Cognitive Constraints
Jeshua Bratman, Michael Shvartsman, Richard L. Lewis, & Satinder Singh

Rewards and Punishments in Iterated Decision Making: An Explanation for the Frequency of the Contingent Event Effect
Antonio Napoli & Danilo Fum

Neural Correlates of Temporal Credit Assignment
Matthew M. Walsh & John R. Anderson

Best Student Poster
Sponsored by the Cognitive Science Society

This award is given for the best poster presentation for a paper or abstract, submitted to the main program, with a student as first author and presenter. The award recipient is determined by the awards committee during the conference. The winner is:

A Cognitive Model of the Acquisition and Use of Referring Expressions
Jacolien van Rij, Hedderik van Rijn, & Petra Hendriks